Columbus Marathon Invites You to RunFest 2010

Blogger's note: This is a bit off topic, but the health-minded bike commuter might also be interested in other means of attaining fitness for cross-training or personal goal achievement, so I thought this appropriate.

The Nationwide Better Health Columbus Marathon is inviting you to RunFest, to be held at the Frog, Bear and Wild Boar in the Arena District on July 10th from 1:00-4:00 PM.

RunFest is a celebration of fitness, and is the official kick-off for the 2010 Columbus Marathon. They'll have resources on hand for people who want to know more about training for the marathon or running in general. With free food and soft drinks, live music by Double Barrel and lots of giveaways ($1,000 in running store gift cards and free marathon entry for life), this is definitely going to be a fun afternoon!

The invite and further information is on Facebook (same link as above), but no RSVP is required for the event.

In addition, I'm giving away a free Columbus Marathon MP3 Player armband to the first reader who can find the following information on this blog:  what was the first bicycle I ever owned?  Email the answer to me here!

Note:  WE HAVE A WINNER!  Mark Nye of Columbus was correct in his guess of a red Schwinn Bantam.  He'll be receiving the Columbus Marathon armband as soon as I get it from the Marathon folks!  Thanks to everyone for playing!  

People, not speed.


  1. Although I fully support the Marathon, the bike path is not an advertising venue and the signs for RunFest plastered every half mile are totally inappropriate, unsightly, and technically illegal (not to mention, extremely bad PR).

  2. It's not technically just a bike path, though - it's a multi-use path. There are plenty of runners who use it as well, so it's appropriate for them. I don't know about the legality of it, though.

  3. Of course, from an advertising standpoint, it's a great audience. Again, the path is not an advertising venue ... it's public park land intended to be a natural setting, thereby making advertising complete inappropriate. Runners use energy drinks, athletic equipment, etc. Is it appropriate for vendors to advertise those items on the path? Blogs such as this and other advertising venues are fine. Cluttering up public parks is totally unacceptable.


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