Wanted: White Work Van in Hit and Run Collision

And now it's personal.

No, not me, but a friend of mine and fellow League of American Bicyclists Instructor was hit and run by a white work van at the corner of Lane and High on the north end of OSU's campus today at around 8:50 AM.  Please contact Meredith Joy of Yay Bikes! with any information you may have about the accident, especially if you have a license plate number!

In addition, if you happen to know of a white van with a big dent in the side coming in for repair at a body shop, please let Meredith and the police know!

People, not speed.


  1. I posted this on my FB page because I'm from Columbus. I hope your friend is not too badly injured. I also hope that the responsible party is found.

  2. Thanks! Mike is okay, apparently he didn't break anything but his shoulder is pretty badly bruised. I appreciate you passing the word.

  3. Jamie, this is weird. Before the Sunday morning ride out of Cyclist Connection a guy showed some traffic footage that was passed to him. It had to be this accident.
    I don't know who the guy with the vid was, but Ric the owner of Cyclist Connection would know. I hope it helps with this.

  4. Thanks, I'll see them this weekend at the Ride For Autism!


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