Sierra Club, League of American Bicyclists Supporting USDOT Complete Streets Plans

It's action day here at Bike Commuting in Columbus!

As we reported after the League of American Bicyclists National Bike Summit, Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood announced that the rules were changing for the Department of Transportation's planning policy.  From now on, all plans were to take into account all forms of transportation, not just cars.  That means cyclists' and pedestrians' needs would be considered equal to motorists.

Now, the Sierra Club and the League of American Bicyclists are starting letter-writing campaigns to support this new policy.

The League is asking people to contact their governors, and request that they publicly support the new policy for the benefit of people's health and the environment.

The Sierra Club is requesting that people that people ask their representatives to support HR 4722.  This piece of legislation was introduced by Oregon representative Earl Blumenauer and is described thus:
To direct the Secretary of Transportation to carry out an active transportation investment program to encourage a mode shift to active transportation within selected communities by providing safe and convenient options to bicycle and walk for routine travel, and for other purposes.
Please take part in one or both of these campaigns to make our nation healthier, cleaner, and more friendly!

People, not speed.