Join the VicVille Morning Group Ride

Would you love to bike commute, but you don't feel quite safe doing it on your own?  Is traffic too much for you?  Are you just a social person who likes to have someone to ride with?

Ariel Godwin of Victorian Village contacted me about the following ride that's in the works for those bike commuters and anyone living in Victorian Village who'd like to try it out.

Riding in numbers is a great way to create visibility on the streets, and just have some fun!
Daily Group Bike Commute: Vic Village/Short North to Downtown

This is a daily group ride for bike commuters from the Victorian Village / Short North / Italian Village area to Downtown. Please spread the word.

  • Strength and safety in numbers.
  • Riding with a group will give confidence to people who might not otherwise ride. If you've been wanting to try bike commuting but it makes you nervous, this group is for you.
  • Being visible and setting a good example. The more cyclists commute in Columbus, the more accepted they will be.
Meet at the northeast corner of Goodale Park, at Buttles & Park St., at 8:00 a.m. every weekday. We'll leave at 8:05. For the ride home, meet at the northeast corner of Broad & Front St., by the Leveque Tower, at 5:10 pm. We'll leave at 5:15. This will take place every weekday starting March 17, 2010.

The route downtown will go along Park St., Front St., Marconi Blvd., and Civic Center Drive. The route and times are flexible and open to suggestions.

We have the same right to use the road as motorists, and will follow the rules of the road. We will look out for each other and avoid riding in the "door zone" of parked cars. A digest of Ohio bicycle laws can be found here:

Come bike with us! Rain or shine!
People, not speed.