Los Angeles Doctor Convicted on All Counts of Assault on Cyclists

In a case that cyclists all over the country have been watching with great interest, Dr. Christopher Thompson was convicted on all counts in his car-assault on two cyclists last year.

Thompson, as you may remember, deliberately backed his car into two cyclists after screaming at them to ride in single file and passing them dangerously closely. The two cyclists both went to the hospital and one is permanently scarred.

This case may just be the landmark we as cyclists need to turn things in our favor.

And it also illustrates a very important point: ALWAYS report dangerous motorist activity to the police, with a license plate number if possible. Dr. Thompson's excuses about his behavior were greatly undone by a previous report on similar behavior, showing him to habitually endanger cyclists' lives and health.

I look forward to discussion on how this case might be used to help cyclists who find themselves in similar circumstances in the future.

People, not speed.


  1. I had an encounter yesterday with an aggressive USPS minivan. I wasn't going to report it but after reading this, I think I should. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. My pleasure, Molly. You get even better results with vehicles owned by companies if you call the company and make a formal complaint - most companies are concerned about their image and anything they can do to help it will most likely be done.


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