Friday Link-O-Rama: 9/4/2009

Cyclelicious - So how many bikes CAN you fit into one parking space... if they're folding bikes? Blog - On the importance of bike parking. Where are we supposed to put our bikes when we get there?

Cyclelicious - Road-ragers on the prowl. Be careful out there. Blog - Steps being taken to ensure safer streets - for cyclists and drivers! Proud to say I'm part of the plan. :)

Cycle*Dallas - Why bike boxes don't prevent right-hook collisions.

Bike Hugger - Got a bike with a dynamo hub? Charge your iPod from it!

Bike Shop Girl - Preventive Maintenance: Lube your Chain!

Bike Nazi - Reminiscing on the days when kids actually rode their bikes to school regularly!

Road Rights - Bob Mionske on Idaho, stopping, yielding, and what makes good law.

People, not speed.