Friday Link-O-Rama: 9/11/2009

TreeHugger - West coast Burgerville chain finally serving bikes in the drive-through lane.

The Fredcast - Stay tuned to one of the best cycling podcasts for updates from Interbike this month! - Care about Safe Routes to School? Tell Congress about it!

Urban Velo - Driver punches cyclist in face for pointing out they were in the bike lane, police ignore crime.

Bike Shop Girl - Her guide to your flat kit - both for racers and transportation riders.

BikeHacks - A dictionary of commuter slang. Can't say I've ever used any of these terms... but it cracked me up.

Bike Hugger - Nothing too bike-related here, I just like the idea of using a bike to herd camels.

The Bike Nazi - A bit of an extra look at one of those oft-publicized distracted driving studies.

The Bike Nazi - And more from our Idaho friend, as he discusses the phenomenon of cops being above the law. Particularly poignant to me after nearly being right-hooked by a cop today at the corner of S. High and Livingston.

People, not speed.