Equipment Roundup: Interbike 2009

As most of you probably know, Interbike 2009 was last week, and the yearly bike and bike-accessory trade show was a huge success. I'm trying to keep up with all the stuff that we saw, but it's tough - there were thousands of exhibitors and everyone's got their favorite stuff to show off. Here are some of the highlights that I've seen, equipment-wise. Keep checking back for more as I find them!

180s iPhone-Friendly items (from Bike Hugger)

You may be familiar with 180s, the earmuffs that wrap around the back of your head and therefore work really nicely with a bike helmet.

The folks at 180s are back with some items that are compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch. One complaint they hear at iPhone is that you have to remove gloves to use the thing, and when it's cold it's not always comfortable to do so. 180s has created a pair of gloves with contact pads on the thumb and forefinger to relieve you of the need to uncover those hands. Great idea.

Also, they have a new, sleeker model of their fantastic earmuffs. These will cut down on wind noise and take up less space in your helmet, jersey pocket, what have you.

Check out the Bike Hugger link above for more on these products.

Zoic Commuter Clothing

I'll let this video speak for itself.

Rapha (also from Bike Hugger)

This is a nice idea - a cyclist-specific sport coat. Too often, cycling clothing is considered grubby or just something to wear while you ride. This sport coat shows that this isn't necessarily the case.

People, not speed.