Equipment Roundup: The Helmet Lock

So how many times have you been out on your bike, and you need to make a stop, but you don't (for whatever reason) want to bring your helmet with you? It happens to me a lot. If I'm not riding, I don't care for wearing my helmet, and I don't want to carry it around with me in the store, office, etc.

Well, today I found an item that fits the bill here: enter the Helmet Lock. It seems like such a simple thing - a loop that goes through your helmet vents and attaches to your bike lock.

Made of quality high-security wire cable and a large nut, this item attaches easily to your U-Lock when you're not using it, and is super-easy to attach and detach when leaving your helmet with your bike.

I'll be getting myself one of these soon and letting you know how I like it!

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