Car Free Day is Coming Tuesday, September 22nd

Looking for a reason to get out of the car and back on the bike? Look no further.

Tuesday, September 22nd, is Car Free Day! That's right, it's the perfect day to get out of your car, pull out that bike, or a handful of pocket change, or your walkin' shoes, and hit the road! Take your bike, the bus, or walk to your destination!

Car Free Day in Columbus is being undertaken in cooperation with the World Carfree Network. The goal of the World Carfree Network is to promote alternatives to driving and automobile dependence in road planning throughout the world. They aim to reduce human impact on the environment while improving the quality of life for everyone. And what better way to do that than by getting people outside!

Some of the sponsors of Car Free Day include Yay Bikes, Consider Biking, Everyone Bikes, Paradise Garage, and MORPC, among a number of others.

The Car Free Day website has a pledge form that you can fill out to show that you're taking part in this great experience, so please visit the site, fill it out (it won't take you five minutes), and then on Tuesday get out of your car and show the world how we can improve life by leaving our cars at home!

People, not speed.