Monday News Roundup: Traffic Will Be Brutal After OSU Games, So Pedal Instead!

Traffic snarls around High Street and 315 are expected to slow post-Buckeyes game traffic down to a crawl, taking many fans up to 2 hours to get out of the parking lots, reports the Columbus Dispatch. That two hour projection goes up to THREE hours for the USC game on September 12th. The construction is not done, obviously, and will not be finished in time for the September games but should be done for the Wisconsin game on October 12.

So... what does that mean for those of us who are wise and beautiful? Ride your bike! The fine folks at Pedal Instead will be set up to protect your bikes at EVERY game, not just the September ones. The location of the Pedal Instead Bike Corral can be found here, and the award-winning Pedal Instead is always looking for volunteers to help with the task of running the corral. You can look up available shifts for OSU games and all sorts of other city events at the website as well.

Also, for businesses who would like to advertise using banners at the Pedal Instead Corral, there's information for you as well on the website. Here's the link for OSU game advertising, and you can find more information for other events at the website.

People, not speed.