Monday News Roundup: Legal Doings In Barbour, Corbin Killings

In legal news in the Columbus cycling community, the trial of Michael Cline, the accused in the death of Tracy Corbin, began this morning in Columbus. Corbin, you'll remember, is the cyclist who was hit on Alum Creek Road despite the steps he'd taken to be visible and legal on the road. A temp worker who used his bike to get to work, Corbin was killed just over a year ago, but the trial was delayed by the defense as they prepared their case and kept finding more witnesses, apparently. You can follow this trial and discussion thereof at Yay Bikes.

Also, the arraignment for Edward Miller, the accused in the death of Steve Barbour, is today at 1:00 pm. in Courtroom 1B at the County Courthouse on 375 S. High St. A high turnout of cyclists and supporters is expected in this case, but if you can make it, wear your cycling gear or at least carry a helmet!

The new Dispatch "Bike Blogger," Steve Warteberg, attended the Sunday memorial ride for Barbour and has this report on it.

Thanks to Andrew Hulvey (LifeOnTwoWheels on Twitter) for the links on this story!

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