Monday News Roundup: Consider Biking Announces Bike Friendly Buildings

From the desk of Consider Biking:

On May 11, 2009, at the Bike to Work Week Celebration, Consider Biking recognized 12 downtown properties as “Bike Friendly Buildings.” We applaud these properties for their thoughtful accommodations to those tenants, and visitors, that choose to ride a bicycle as a means of utilitarian transportation.

Consider Biking would like to thank Capitol Crossroads Special Improvement District (CCSID) for their partnership in this Bike Friendly Building designation. We are excited to have their visionary leadership in helping showcase downtown Columbus as a more sustainable, “green,” and attractive neighborhood for work and play. Twelve properties were identified as “meeting or exceeding” expectations for bicycle end-of-ride facilities. Safe, secure, covered parking was a bare minimum for this designation; shower and locker facilities added additional points to the scoring. These twelve buildings make up the inaugural “Bike Friendly Building” designation:
  • Rhodes Tower (30 E Broad),
  • Huntington Center (41 S High),
  • Capitol Square Office Tower (65 E State),
  • Riffe Center (77 S High),
  • William Green Tower,
  • Nationwide Buildings,
  • 280 North High Street,
  • Lazarus Office Building / Government Center,
  • Miranova 2 Office Tower,
  • Motorists Mutual Building,
  • US Bank Building (175 S Third),
  • SERS (300 E Broad)

Consider Biking applauds these properties for their leadership in this simple, but effective measure, to make our downtown workplaces more attractive to healthful employees and visitors.
People, not speed.


  1. It's probably considered "bare minimum" but I thought it was very cool to see covered bike parking inside the new public parking garage in the RiverSouth area.

  2. I know it has been 8 months since I worked daily at the Rhodes tower but I can't think of a single reason to call that a bike friendly building. Has something changed drastically there? I used to lock my bike up in front of the COTA office instead of at the pearl alley bike rack because I didn't want my bike messed with (and those bikes are always looking ruff). Can't bring your bike inside that building, there's no showers, lockers, etc.

    I hope before we go congratulating too many building owners we ratchet up the criteria a bit higher.

  3. Here's what the CB item back on August 19 said about what the standards are:

    "Safe, secure, covered parking was a bare minimum for this designation; shower and locker facilities added additional points to the scoring."

    I'm curious now to see what those buildings have going for them. I am going to have to check this out. LUNCH TRIP!


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