Monday News: More Companies Offering Fashionable Bike Clothes has an article today with some new offerings in the world of commuter fashion, and I'm not talking about more lycra and spandex. Nope. This is stuff that you could wear anywhere, and whether your mode of transportation had two wheels or not.

I love the first line of the article:

The whole point with urban cycling is to make it work with whatever your lifestyle and your sense of fashion (or your work clothes requirements) are.

Sure, you can get all spandexed-up and ride, nothing wrong with that. I know plenty of people who ride and change every day - I do it myself in the summer.

But is that practical? Is it easy to just jump on your bike and go down to the store when you feel the need to ride in nothing but jersies and bibs? Not at all. So clothes that lend themselves to cycling are being developed to allow us to ride anywhere conveniently. Check out the article, it's got some interesting stuff.

People, not speed.