Friday Link-o-Rama 8/7/2009

Streetfilms - Check out the word on Scraper Bikes, a cycling style from Oakland, CA. It's positive, it's creative, it's green, and it's a heck of a lot of fun! See the video below.

Wired Gadget Lab - Food for thought: Should Bikes Be Treated As Cars? Not a remarkable article, but remarkable for where it's being published! Should foster some good discussion.

Ottawa Citizen (via @bikeride) - Ottawa, Ontario police start sweep to ticket and inform cyclists. But... $110 for not having a bell? I hope the cyclist was mute and couldn't yell "LOOK OUT!"

Cycle*Dallas - Nine and a Half things Motorists should know about bikes.

National Public Radio - What problems do you have with your organized rides? Inconsiderate drivers? Unthinking city planners? In Tijuana, they worry about DRUG WARS! But they still find time to ride...

Mountain Xpress - Gunman in "Stay off the road" shooting update. Three word preview: Cycling Community Outraged.

People, not speed.