Friday Link-O-Rama: 8/14/2009

Carectomy - How to buy a used road bike. Great tips.

Carbon Trace - avoiding the door zone. I'd love to see (or even make) more great tips like this for YouTube. - Bikes now welcome in Burgerville drive-through lanes. Have YOU ever been denied service for riding a bike in a drive-through lane in Columbus?

The Bike Nazi - More impatience on the road from clueless drivers. We've probably all had this situation, he just handles it really well. Better than I usually do.

Bike Shop Girl - Great tips on riding with your kids.

Carbon Trace - To all college students: you're not children any more. Don't ride like it. - Nationwide, bike-to-school bans are on the rise. The reason: liability. Sigh...

Cycleliciousness [Copenhagen Bicycle Culture] - How to get your RV on by bike.

People, not speed.