Friday Link-o-Rama 8/14/2009

EcoVelo - How to overcome the "Windshield Perspective."

StreetFilms - How removing traffic lanes can make traffic BETTER.

Instructables - Build a bicycle dog walker!

Cyclelicious - Urbana Bikes' Configuration Designer. How fun is this!?

Biking Bis - A great natural way to get some quick energy on your ride... if it's available to you!

Bike Commuters - Review of Outlier Summer Shorts.

BikeHacks - Make your own 340 lumen headlight for cheap!

Cyclelicious - DIY Pedal Straps!

And, of course, I have to give props to the NUMEROUS bloggers and Twitterers who posted this little gem. Can't wait to see the fixie rebuttal video!

People, not speed.


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