REI's Introduction to Bike Commuting

I just found this today as I was perusing YouTube. REI has released a great series of videos about bike commuting, covering many of the basics of equipment, safe riding tips, and situations to think about as you ride.

I recommend that all commuters check these out - REI has really put out some simple but quality videos here.


  1. not tryin to hate, but is a 'bicycle commuting' video really all that useful is its most memorable image is of some nutjob hauling ass down some busy street, a la Lance Armstrong, with a huge van nipping at his heals, while he pedals for his life?

  2. That's just an excellent example of a rider taking the lane. I think it's very useful ESPECIALLY for that image. Watching a cyclist control his situation will help a lot of people who may not totally understand the concept of taking the lane.

  3. That was a busy street? Try coming down Spring or Front some days.

    Great video-thanks for the link Jamie. That specific example also showed some wonderful courtesy from the motorists. Both the van and the truck were making right turns and didn't attempt to pass and dangerously merge back to make it. They stayed behind, respected the cyclist and still got to where they were going without major delay.

    I didn't see anything that would imply the cyclist pedaling for his life. Only keeping pace with traffic as best as his ability would allow. There seemed to be respect on both ends that ensured safety for all.


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