Bike Commuter Accessories from the Outdoor Retailer Show

As mentioned in a previous post, one of the biggest events of the year for the outdoor sports industry is the Outdoor Retailer show. This convention is where outdoor gear manufacturers show off their newest wares to the retailer public and try to grab some attention to their efforts. And it's always a great source of new stuff to look anticipate and plan your budget to fit in!

This year was no exception, and as bike commuting gets more and more popular, we're seeing increasing numbers of products that support our carless commutes. I'll be giving you some samplings of items that I saw that might be just the thing for us commuters!

Today's installment is Cycling Accessories. We have a couple of neat items for which I think bike commuters might find a use!

The first item that stuck out was the EverLite Solar Light and Charger. This is a small 3-bulb LED light with a built-in solar charger (hence the clever name) that clips to the bill of your hat, and gives you a some light for those night rides. Jokes about solar powered flashlights aside, think of how often you're out in the daytime but also have to make rides at night! Now there's a way to use that time to your advantage and save money on batteries on your headlights.

EverLite also will have 12V, cell phone and USB converter kits to allow you to use their items to recharge phones, iPods, and other items! Sounds like a winner tome.

The KangaTek GO is a bandolier-type item that loops around your shoulder like a bag, but keeps your small electronics, wallets, keys, and other small items close at hand. Tired of fishing through your pannier or messenger bag, or trying to reach into pockets while in the saddle, for things you might need while you ride? Here's a lightweight way of holding that stuff! I'd also imagine that with some ingenuity and sewing/webbing skill you'd be able to turn this into a strap for your messenger bag!

Look us up next Equipment Tuesday for new items in the realm of Commuter Apparel.

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