Columbus Ranked #15 Most Sustainable US City By NRDC

Largely on the basis of the bike plan, it seems, Columbus has been ranked as the #15 most sustainable city in the country by the Natural Resources Defense Council. The report cites the plan to double our current bike path/lanes mileage and the effort to connect them past existing barriers such as the miles of train track in town. Also mentioned are Mayor Coleman's push for 4700 new downtown housing units and more in the Bicentennial Plan.

I think a lot of folks out on the west coast, particularly in a little town in Oregon, are going to have a chuckle about the following quote:

Taking advantage of its flat terrain, Columbus aims to be the bicycling capital of the country. Its Bicentennial Bikeways Plan, finalized in May 2008, calls to double the city's 50 miles of biking lanes and trails by 2012, when the city celebrates its bicentennial.

On the other hand, one doesn't become a leader by trying to become pretty good, but by aiming for the highest that they can. So even if we fall short of that somewhat nebulous goal, we'll still improve the situation and that's what's important.

So kudos to the Mayor's office, the great folks at Yay Bikes and Consider Biking, and the hundreds, if not thousands, of people who've been working to improve our city. There's a lot of notice being taken of Columbus and its efforts, which can only be a good thing!

People, not speed.