Friday Link-o-Rama 6/19/2009

X-ing Columbus - News on the next phase of making Morse Road more walkable and bikeable. Not having a bike lane that ends by dropping riders into the middle of an interstate off-ramp would be a good start.

CBus Transit - A new blog all about transit in Central Ohio. It'll be interesting to get a view of transit that's not the "why would we need that?" ilk. From @ColsUnderground

Bike Blog NYC - Motorists threaten a scheduled bicycle ride in the Platinum-level Bike Friendly City of Boulder, CO. Even in the bike havens we're not safe.

Cycleliciousness [Copenhagen Bicycle Culture] - A look at one of the underappreciated great cycling nations of the world: Japan. Lots of fun stuff in the Japanese way. - Part of the reason bicyclists can't get it all together: the inane witchhunt over helmet use. Actor Matthew Modine tries to use his celebrity to help out the cause of bike advocacy and instead is castigated for not wearing a helmet. And who's really behind the witchhunt...

The Bike Nazi - Columbus isn't the only city where the police don't enforce the traffic laws...

People, not speed.