Friday Link-o-Rama 6/12/2009

@bikefitness - China, once one of the most bicycling-est countries in the world, has seen a sharp drop off in the number of cyclists as the automobile becomes more prevalent, resulting in the pollution issues that we saw during the Beijing Olympics last year. Here's a commentary on what might happen to bicycling in the world's largest nation.

Road Rights - Bicycling Magazine's Bob Mionske addresses those who say cycling is a privilege, not a right. As far as the courts have ruled in the past... it's a RIGHT.

Bike Hugger - Bike tube vending machines. Super Cool... and Super German. How I'd love to see those here!

Cyclelicious - June 2nd, 2009: Pearls Before Swine. Too damn funny. - Congressman Earl Blumenauer shares his goals for cycling, including bicycling past the White House. Sweeeett...

TheWashCycle - GOP suggest cutting safe routes to school. Sigh... they still don't get it.

People, not speed.