Ride of Silence To Be Held May 20

From Consider Biking:
The Ride of Silence is a slow group ride, akin to a funeral procession, in total silence. The ride is a safe, responsible, professional, and mature response to the aggressiveness, intimidation, and carnage that cyclists often face on the roads we ride. It is a means to:
  • Remember and mourn those killed or injured or harassed by motorists
  • Raise public awareness that our Central Ohio community has, and supports, a large population of cyclists
  • Show the larger Central Ohio community that cyclists are going to continue to ride on our roads
  • Point out that we ask for respect and consideration from motorists, as well as our rightful place on the road
  • Remind motorists that we wish only to safely SHARE the roads with them
Please join Consider Biking for the 6th annual Ride of Silence on Wednesday, May 20th. Gather at 6:45 pm on the south side of the Ohio Statehouse in the heart of downtown. No registration, no t-shirt, no fees.
Check out my pictures from last year's Ride Of Silence!

People, not speed.