Reader Requests Help with Hamilton Road

One of my readers, Chris Herrmann, has asked me a question for which I have no definitive answer. So in the spirit of bike community and Bike To Work Week, I'm going to open up his email to all of you to help out! The question is about the Hamilton Road area, a place that the MORPC map has listed as "Roadways with a high volume of traffic traveling at high speeds. Extreme caution should be used on these roadways. Suitable only for bicyclists with advanced skills."

So, without further ado:

Greetings. I'm a fellow cycling enthusiast who is currently commutes by car to work. Its only 7.8 miles one way and certainly not a complicated route. The only concern is safety along the route. I've found several options within neighborhoods for bike commuting; but currently there is no route that avoids Hamilton Rd. next to Port Columbus. Traffic on the 1.5 mile section between I-270 and Broad St. travels nearly 55 mph in the morning. In that regard, have you read any recent news about progress on the Big Walnut Trail or a possible bike lane/path along Hamilton Rd. between Gahanna & Whitehall?

Any information you might provide would be helpful. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog daily. Keep up the good work!

Best Regards.

People, not speed.