Product Review: Action Wipes

On my old commute from Clintonville to my previous office, I only went a little over a mile and a half, so cleanup once I got to work was not an issue. But with my new, longer commute to the Brewery District, I've found that I need a bit more cleanup once I get to the office. I don't want to asphyxiate my co-workers and I'd like to be comfortable when sitting at my desk.T o that end I tried out a product that I've been hearing lots about but not tried to this point: Action Wipes.

Action Wipes are brilliant. First, they're easily portable. They come in a couple of package sizes: a larger, 15-wipe pouch; and a smaller five-wipe pouch. Each pouch is also packed into a small zip-lock bag so that you can 1) keep sand and grit out of the sticky closure that holds the pouches shut, and 2) keep the used wipes around for either re-use to clean your bike, etc., or for recycling. A pouch is a little larger than the size of a pack of 3" by 5" cards, so they're convenient to pack into a pannier, rack trunk, jersey pocket, what have you.

Second, they're made for adults to get clean. These aren't just baby wipes. They're significantly larger than baby wipes. And they won't leave you smelling like a baby's clean butt for the rest of the day. These are made for adults - with eco-friendly adult cleansers and aromatherapy oils such as tea tree oil and eucalyptus to keep you smelling fresh.

And they don't leave you feeling all sticky when you're done. I keep moving around expecting to feel sticky every time I lift my arms or what have you, and I don't. You feel pleasantly clean and cool. I repeat - you will feel COOL after using these. They foam up ever-so-slightly as you're using them but the foam doesn't last long, and as those tiny bubbles evaporate they cool you off. It really feels nice.

I bought them for cycling and commuting, obviously, but since I've been using them I've been thinking of all sorts of other ways to use them - camping, hiking, trips to the park with the kids (especially my mulch-loving kids), backpacking, after pickup soccer games before heading out to grab something to eat, just about any outdoor activity when showering is not an option and you want to get clean. I even gave some of them to my wife, who likes to go running at lunch at her job but has no showers available for her. I especially like the idea of using them for backpacking since they're so compact AND you can re-use them for other stuff.

And that's the final thing I love about these: Martha van Inwegen, the creator of Action Wipes, is committed to the environment. The ingredients in Action Wipes are all natural and she constantly thinks of ways to re-use and recycle the product. One of the things that kept me from trying them out for a while (aside from the fact that it wasn't that warm out yet and I wasn't sweating too much on my commutes) was that I didn't want to use a product that just created more waste. These being recyclable is a big plus for me and was the final facet convincing me to order some. Read her "Social Mission" section on the Action Wipes website for more on this.

So the verdict? I think you can tell already: I LOVE ACTION WIPES! They'll continue to be a part of my active lifestyle with their ease of use, fantastic portability, and socially conscious nature.


Martha's offering a special deal right now, as well: if you put "tweet" into the coupon code on her web site's order form, she'll knock 15% off your order! Get some today!

And, if you're on Twitter, you can follow Martha at @MarthaVan. She's friendly and open to suggestions, and will also give you frequent updates on her products. She has more than just Action Wipes available, and after the success I've had with these I'm going to have to give her other stuff a try, too!

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