Outside Magazine Offers Cycling Issue

One of my favorite magazines, for both travel planning and strict daydreaming, is Outside Magazine. If you're not familiar with it, it's one of the best adventure travel and outdoor activity magazines in existence.

This month, I assume in honor of National Bike Month, they're offering their official Cycling Issue, with stories about bikes and cycling from all angles. Especially notable for us as commuters is the video section with tutorials on basic maintenance for your bike! There are also tips on equipping yourself and your bike and a number of features on some of the latest issues and figures in the world of pro cycling. And there's even a section on fitness for the bike (and I'm a big fan of Outside's fitness advice, I really think they do a nice job). Keep in mind that their advice is more for recreational cyclists of all stripes, but that you might find some stuff that helps you out on your commute, too!

Check it out!

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