Friday Link-o-Rama 5/29/2009

Getting back on the ball with the Friday linkfest, hope you don't mind getting some older posts from some of the great bike sites around the web!

Cycle*Dallas - A great illustration on YouTube about how installing bike lanes can actually worsen conditions for cyclists. I tend to be of the camp that proper traffic code enforcement and good training of both cyclists and motorists is preferable to any bike lane striping.

Bike Radar - British judge lessens the sentence on a killer motorist because the cyclist victim was not wearing a helmet. Read the comments on this one, too!

Cyclelicious - When bike lane traffic is heavier than the car traffic, perhaps it's time to remove another car lane? :) - Make your own blinking bike gear! Some of you crafty types might have a lot of fun with this!

EcoVelo - What can one person do to improve cycling in the US? Maybe that's the wrong question...

EcoVelo - Once again, the cyclist wins the commuter challenge between a taxi, a train rider, and a bike in NYC.

Bike Commuters - A bit of a recap on the increasingly interesting Earl Blumenauer vs. George Will feud. Battle of the Bowties!

velorution - Did you hear that the bicycling mayor of London, England, was almost flattened by a truck while riding and surveying a new bike corridor? See the video! - Not one of my normal mentions here on the Link-o-Rama, but Instructables is looking for people to make James Bond-like weapons for a bike. The possibilities beggar the imagination!

Streetsblog - Just... just watch this. :)

People, not speed.


  1. Great video on bike lanes vs. lane control. And people think this is a solution.

  2. It's Ray LaHood, not Earl, in the great faceoff with George Will.

    I'm sure Georgie's no fan of Blumenauer, either...

  3. Actually, Earl Blumenauer went on the offensive earlier as well... he invited Will to Portland for a debate. Apparently Will isn't ready to put his bow tie up against Earl's. :)

  4. Fair's just that the article you linked to is Will vs. Lahood. But they're probably interchangeable in Georgie's eyes!

    It would be interesting to see "Battle of the Bowties" in Portland, no doubt.


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