Friday Link-O-Rama 5/1/2009

Sacramento Bee - The man whose website got me started in bike commuting is featured as Bike To Work Week gets closer. Thanks to Paul Dorn!

Cyclelicious - Well, actually, it's from Fritz's Facebook page, but that doesn't make it any less true! Transit users are three times more likely to meet fitness guidelines than car drivers. Wonder what the score is for cyclists?

TheWashCycle - The DC-based blogger shows us what a really fun bike rack installation can be! Come on, Columbus, we're supposed to the the Indy Art Capital of the World. Get creative! Crew racks at Crew Stadium, big "O" racks on campus, Teutonic art racks in German Village, beer stein racks in the Brewery District, the sky's the limit!

The Path Less Pedaled - Bicycling photographer Russ Roca and his partner Laura Crawford are shucking all their possessions that won't fit on their two touring bikes and heading to Patagonia. Not the store. Follow their adventure online!

Biking Bis - A list of the top 10 states with the most bike-related fatalities and the 10 least. Ohio's on neither list... we're right in the middle, apparently.

Cyclelicious - Fritz has the answer from the CDC on how to avoid H1N1 - RIDE A BIKE!

People, not speed.