Phil Keoghan Rides Across America Rally TOMORROW!

Just a quick reminder to everyone that the send-off for Phil Keoghan's Ride Across America is TOMORROW MORNING! More details at my earlier post on the ride.

As this is not an official ride, there WILL NOT be any transportation back to the start point once the ride is over... you'll be on your own. If anyone is planning on dropping a car off at the end point and driving back, please post in the comments (especially if you'll have space for extra riders who might otherwise be turning around halfway).

Though I won't be able to ride (work day and all), I'm going to try to be out there to see Phil and enjoy the send-off. Hope to meet some of you out there!

People, not speed.


  1. Know where the actual end is? Elizabethtown, OH is not much of anything on a map, hard to tell where he's really going to finish it. Plus the next day ride starts in Dennison - 30m north. ?

  2. I rode with him yesterday (as said in the other post). Great ride, terrible flat IN cross winds. Once outside of town he picks up the pace fast so don't expect "touring" pace. I'm considering the ride, but can only spare half the day. We didn't get rolling 'til 10 and I was told that's typical (but don't be late -- he doesn't wait!!). Anyone have a way to get back after 25-30 miles?


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