Friday Link-O-Rama 4/3/2009

Lots of links this week - I got behind on my blog reading last week and am just getting caught up! Hope you enjoy.

Real Cycling - A British view of my attitude on cycling, via Carlton Reid.

Surly Girl Saloon - The popular Short North establishment adds bike racks! Via Twitter!

Cycleliciousness - A look back at what was, and some smacking-down of the excuses we hear!

Two Wheeling - Doug Morgan explores whether biking is safer than driving - rather holistically!

The Bike To Work Book Podcast - Carlton Reid interviews mountain biking legend Gary Fisher, who waxes philosophical about transportation cycling and the future of the biking industry. A GREAT listen!

Bike Hugger - Cycling with allergies: Ohio's not a good spot for the allergy-ridden, but here are some tips for combatting those seasonal sniffles!

Bike Portland - I love this: creating bike bags out of DUCT TAPE!

Two Wheeling - Doug reports on the obesity levels in Columbus... and how they're RISING. Sigh - so much for Commit To Be Fit.

CycleDog - Ed fills us in on the horror that is M.I.S.S. - Motoring Induced Schizophrenic Syndrome.

Cycle Dallas - Bike Lanes pay for themselves, in the long run!

People, not speed.


  1. Thanks for the mention, Jamie.

    I just had 10 hot wings for!

  2. You're more than welcome Ed! When someone is calling attention to conditions like MISS they deserve to be heard in the finest media outlets in the land. Or, barring that, this blog. ;)

    I already had lunch (leftover crockpot pot pie...mmmm) but there's a Buffalo Wild Wings across the street and that's sounding awful good, now.

  3. Jamie: You of all people must speak out on this incident.


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