Friday Link-o-Rama 4/24/2009

vélocouture - A little bit of information on what the Europeans call "bikes." Simple and ready to ride, that's how they do 'em over there.

Biking Bis - A new service - - find places to rent bikes on your vacation before you leave! Nothing in Columbus yet, but they have a notification service that will tell you when shops in any area do start renting as part of their network!

Bike Commuters - RL Policar and company display some of the great commuter items on display at the Sea Otter Bike Event. Some of this stuff is really cool... but where are the bike-friendly business casual clothes? T-shirts are fine, but I want to see polos and the like!

Two Wheeling - Once again, the vigilant eye of Doug Morgan sees another way in which communities are making things safer on the streets for ALL users, not just cars. This time it's in Upper Arlington and involves school crosswalks

Biking Bis - Debunking the top 10 excuses for not bike commuting. Simple. Brilliant.

Cyclelicious - Fritz brings us Frazz. Gentlemen... start your engines... don your helmets!

Bike Hacks - Here's a nifty tip to help secure your wheels to your bike if you use quick-release levers and possibly avoid having to carry around two locks!

People, not speed.