BREAKING NEWS From 10TV: Michael Sonney's Killer Gets Four Years, License Revoked Permanently

Spencer Andrews, the driver who killed Michael Sonney and then left the scene of the crime, has been sentenced to four years of jail time. In addition, Andrews has had his license revoked permanently. Thanks to 10TV for the info (via Twitter).

What do you think? Too harsh? Not harsh enough?

People, not speed.


  1. Regarding label "Killed by Car", a motorist, driver killed the cyclist not the car.

  2. When I first read this, I simply thought "This is nit-picking." But you're right. So I changed ALL the posts that have "Killed by Car" as a tag to "Killed by Motorist." It's much more accurate, and putting the blame where it really does belong.

  3. It made me soo sick to hear that all he has is 4 years & his license revoked. Thats total BS! It's not like my friend only has to be dead for 4 years. I've got 28 days till the 2nd anniversary of Mike's death and it doesn't hurt any less. Knowing all the things we planned to do together are never gonna happen... Spencer Andrews got away with murder! The part that disgusts me the most is the fact that my best friend laid alone dying. He just left him to die alone... anyways thank you for having posted this. -Brittny

  4. Brittny, my heart goes out to you and everyone who knew Michael personally.


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