10TV: Van Strikes, Kills Tricyclist

A cyclist was hit and killed on Karl Road Sunday when a van hit him. Dave Hines, 70, was riding an adult tricycle that he used to get around as his primary transportation. I've ridden on Karl Road, once. It's not a road I'd take too often, as there are lots of people using it to travel between Morse Road and Dublin-Granville Road.

It's a sad story, and doubly sad that the man riding had no car himself, and used the tricycle as his primary transportation. His friend quoted in the story apparently told him not to ride on the road, which is disturbing. Obviously, we all know that he belongs in the road, not on the sidewalks. And you'd think that a tricycle would be even MORE visible than a bike given its larger size.

More news to come on this accident.

People, not speed.


  1. The League of American Bicyclists has a good page with suggestions for responding to a tragedy:


  2. I misread that as 10TV Van Strikes, Kills Tricyclist at first.


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