Yehuda Moon and Bike Clothes

Sometimes I think Yehuda is channeling me. :)

People, not speed.


  1. Yehuda has a point for short trips (2-3 miles) with temperate weather and daylight. Longer commutes, riding in the dark or winter I don't think a velcro strap for pant would cut it, do you? Did I miss this item in the Dec 12 post? ;)

    Yehuda is all wet implying cycling specific clothing is a costume. Each piece contributes to safety and comfort in different ways not obvious, thing "form follows function". The Dec 12 post shows shows a sensible weighting of safety, comfort versus inconvenience of changing clothes.

    After buying a bike, helmet and mirror I think getting some StreetSmarts, how to ride safely, legally and confidently, will help the novice commuter more that any piece of clothing in the next steps.


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