Log Your Miles!

Do you like to log the miles you've ridden each day? Would you like to see what your cycling is doing for yourself, the environment, or your wallet?

Take a look at some of these sites as ways to keep track of just how far you've gone and maybe even help to raise money for charities!

WorldCommute.com - from Cateye, the bike light company, comes this fine site. It'll let you input your miles each day, your location (to get your area's average gasoline price) and for that you get your mileage, calories burned, carbon NOT released into the atmosphere, and more! Top notch site, easy to navigate, and full of fantastic information. Truly fun for the statistically inclined.

Plus 3 Network - If your interests run to charitable giving, then maybe this site is more up your alley. Plus 3 Network takes the miles you've ridden, walked, mountain biked, etc. and converts that effort into charitable donations to a cause of your choice! Combine that with route mapping, pre-planned workouts or rides, and the ability to post your goals and create groups for motivation, and this site is a sure winner.

Greenlight Ride - This is a new one for me. It has a lot of the same sort of information that other sites do, but it also adds some social networking to the mix. Competitions and community are he order of the day - get to know your fellow cyclists, create a team and see how you stack up against the rest (or even create or join a league!), and keep track of your mileage all at once!

How about you? Do you have any favorite sites for logging your mileage?

People, not speed.


  1. I may do some sightseeing this time around instead of hanging with Sams Army 24-7.

    Recommend a hotel with that in mind. Where would you send your parents?

    I'm flying in around noon on the 10th and leaving early afternoon on the 12th.


  2. Whoa... somehow I missed this till just now.

    Columbus has a lot of great hotels. If you're looking for easy access to everything and a quality place to stay, we have the Hyatt on Capital Square and another Hyatt near Nationwide Arena. The one near Nationwide would be great for getting to the game when it's time - it's just off of one of the expressways.

    There's also the Renaissance. I believe that's the "official" hotel of the Crew... and it's supposed to be very nice. Obviously I've not stayed there, as I live in the city and have no need of it! ;)

    There's a Hampton Inn in the Short North (on High Street) and that's a good hotel, but surrounded by one of Columbus's most interesting neighborhoods. The Short North is our independent arts/entertainment district (as opposed to the Arena District which is much more corporate fun - chain places and the like).

    There are a couple of great hotels at Easton Town Center, which is on the far east-northeast side of town. Hilton, and a couple others. Easton's a great shopping center.

    If you need addresses let me know.


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