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Consider Biking Newsletter
November 2008

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Columbus Foundation Match Day
Dutch Kitchen Holiday Dinner
Milton Ave. Bike Boulevard
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Wow! 2008 has been a time of explosive growth for Consider Biking (formally known as COBAC) We'd like to thank you for signing up for our newsletter list at one of our events or display booths this summer, or by virtue of registering on the Consider Biking website, or through past involvement with COBAC.
The momentum we're generating as a trusted resource for objective information, has drawn many to our cause of making Central Ohio more friendly for bicyclists.

We hope you'll find the news of our challenges and accomplishments to be relevant and inspiring.
Columbus Foundation Match Day 2.0 - Please Donate!
Consider Biking has recently been approved to accept gifts through the Columbus Foundation. We are fast becoming a credible non-profit organization in Central Ohio!

The Columbus Foundation recently announced an exciting funding opportunity through their Power Philanthropy program: Match Day 2.0, November 18 and 19. If you are considering making a donation to Consider Biking, this is a great way for you to increase your support with a match from The Columbus Foundation - gifts up to $2,500 that are made online during this program will be matched by the Foundation at fifty cents to the dollar. For example, a $100 donation would receive a $50 match.

Consider Biking has demonstrated great success for bicyclists in the past year, but we need your support to continue our work. Please take advantage of this opportunity to give through the Columbus Foundation on Match Day 2.0.

In order to give, you must have a Columbus Foundation Power Philanthropy account. If you don't have an existing account, you must register on the Foundation's website by Friday, November 14. Please click here to go to the log-in site. It's quick and easy.

Here's how Match Day 2.0 will work for donors and the community:

Starting at 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 18, we will match online grant suggestions from Columbus Foundation donor advised funds and supporting foundations to PowerPhilanthropy nonprofits in the amount of 50 cents of every dollar contributed, up to $2,500 per fund, while matching funds last.
Starting at 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 19, Match Day 2.0 opens to the public, and we will match all online credit card donations to PowerPhilanthropy nonprofits in the amount of 50 cents of every dollar contributed online through PowerPhilanthropy, up to $2,500 per individual, while matching funds last. Anyone can give, starting as low as $20.
Earlier this year, the matching funds provided by the Columbus Foundation were exhausted in the first hour(s) of the program; so please consider making your gift promptly at 2:00 p.m. on the appropriate day.

We sincerely thank the Columbus Foundation for this opportunity. However, it is your gift that will enable us to fulfill our vision that everyone experience the joy of bicycling and walking on a daily basis, and that cycling and walking are safely integrated into our transportation system.

Join us for the Dutch Kitchen Holiday Dinner
logoThe Dutch Kitchen in Plain City has been an epicenter of cycling culture and advocacy for decades. Over the years, hundreds of cyclists gather for breakfast and lunches on Saturdays, and many more frequent this cycling harbor throughout the week.

Each year, the Dutch Kitchen closes to the public for an evening, and hosts a festive evening to celebrate the cycling community. This year, Consider Biking has been asked to help organize the event and provide the core program for the evening.
logoAs in years past, we will honor two cyclists that have advanced cycling causes in our community. Then, we will highlight some of the exciting initiatives in Central Ohio that will make the cycling environment better for us all!

The event is Wednesday December 3rd, and runs from 5:00 - 8:00 p.m. Here is the link to the flyer for details and registration information.

The event is capped at 150 people, and always sells out in advance. So please make your arrangements now!
Consider Biking Applauds New Bike Boulevard!
Consider Biking joined other bicycling advocates and community leaders to applaud Mayor Coleman, Council member O'Shaughnessy, and City Staff for their incredibly quick action to implement the Bicentennial Bikeways Plan at a press event on the new Milton Ave. Bike Boulevard.

logoThis Milton Ave. Bike Boulevard demonstrates that the city is serious about providing accommodation for bicyclists. This stretch of road is probably the most heavily traveled by bicyclists in the city. The City's use of the progressive, but simple, technique of creating a bike boulevard and bike boxes, demonstrates that the City is serious about creating a world class infrastructure for cyclists. Here is a link to more pictures of the Bike Boulevard.

Bicycling magazine recently named Columbus as one of the five "Cities to Watch" for bicycling accommodation. Monacle, an international design magazine that annually ranks the world's most livable cities, referenced a high expectation for Columbus' plans to become "one of the United States most bikable communities." We owe this expectation to the City's great work in the last year to develop one of the most progressive bicycle Master plans in the country.

However...a plan, regardless of how progressive.... is only worthwhile when it is implemented. This Milton Ave. Bike Blvd treatment is an important "quick win" that should send a powerful message to our community that the City is very serious about implementing the Bicentennial Bikeway Plan. So, Consider Biking unanimously endorsed the Columbus city bond issues that will affect bicycling infrastructure, and celebrates the approval of these issues at the polls on November 4th.
Let's remain persistent in our push to City officials, to implement the plans for construction as outlined in the Bikeway Plan...and hence, continue to develop Columbus into the vibrant, livable city we all envision!
Become a Member Today!
Consider Biking is a member-supported organization. We can only accomplish our goals through the support of our cycling constituents. There are over 130 peer organizations across the country, demonstrating a need for cycling advocacy groups. Many of these organizations have THOUSANDS of members, and benefit by the financial support, and the "body of cyclists" that stand behind them when they advocate for enhancements to cycling accommodation.

We'd like to ask you to
join Consider Biking. We need your support to represent our common interests in Central Ohio.

What's in it for you??
You benefit by knowing we'll have the resources to fight for our needs.
You'll benefit by knowing that we're working hard so you can "just ride."
You'll benefit by knowing we partner with strong coalitions to advance the healthy movement of people, not just cars.
You'll benefit by knowing we coordinate unique events that serve some of the dynamic segments of our cycling audience.
And, you'll benefit through our on-line presence, where ALL cyclists are welcomed, respected, and have a safe place to share their perspective.

Your membership donation to Consider Biking is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. We thank you for your support.

Information on membership here.

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