Columbus Street Study Looking To Remove More One-Way Streets

In an effort to improve street safety in Columbus, city officials are investigating the idea of making Summit and 4th, currently one-way avenues into and out of downtown, into two-way streets.

This is an absolutely great move. It'll slow traffic down, make it safer for everyone using the roads, and the slower speed will help to improve visibility for the neighborhoods and businesses that are along those routes. This is a win-win situation for all involved!
Study May Change Downtown Driving
Monday, Nov 17, 2008 - 01:41 PM Updated: 05:07 PM
By Donna Willis
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COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Speeding on two major Columbus streets is causing officials within the city to think about how to curb the problem.

The area in question is east of The Ohio State University's campus on Summit and Fourth streets.

By the end of Monday, city officials and residents will have a better idea whether or not to continue with a plan that would dramatically change two streets.

Summit and Fourth streets are both one-way roads and they're widely used by motorists, joggers and bicyclists.

The roads are also at the center of a safety plan put on by city officials that would take Summit and Fourth and make them two-way streets instead of one-way.

Rayniecia Ratliff and her 1-year-old daughter travel Fourth Street several times a week.

"I think it will help a lot if they just change it to a two-way street, things will be easier," Ratliff said.

Local business owners said they support the plan as well.

A mobility plan meeting was scheduled for Monday night at the Grace Baptist Church on North Sixth Street.

Stay tuned to NBC 4 and refresh for more information on this developing story.

People, not speed.


  1. is that really the best idea?

    one-way streets are safer for pedestrians.

    to slow down traffic, why not take one lane from traffic and make it a bike-only lane, with physical separation from moving traffic?

  2. I'm not convinced that bike lanes are the safest way to control traffic and ensure cyclist safety, personally. The thing that occasionally gets washed over in places like Portland, Copenhagen, etc. is that when you install bike lanes, the incidence of right hooks goes up.

    I'd prefer to see the streets slowed down, period, and for the police to actually enforce speed limits and the like. That'd be cheaper, which the politicos like, and safer for EVERYONE, which people should like.

  3. If we do see it stay 1 way, I would like to see a bus/bike lane installed. You could open a pretty awesome connection from the German Village/South of Livingston area all the way to the South Clintonville/Hudson Area.

    COTA could get some of those bendy buses and run an express service right through the area.


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