Bike Commuters to Benefit from Passage of Wall Street Bailout

Say what you will about the recent $700 billion bailout of Wall Street, like it or leave it. Attached to that bill was another bill... one that will benefit the Bike Commuter!

That's right, for the first time in recorded history I love the fact that a rider on a bill actually went through. Oregon Congressman Earl Blumenauer has been championing this bill for a long time, which is an incentive for businesses to provide incentives to their employees to ride to work - to the effect of a tax credit of $20 per month per employee.

A few things on this from the ever-flowing fountain of opinion that is Jamie Fellrath:
  1. I have ultimate respect for Congressman Blumenauer, as he voted against the bailout despite the fact that the Bike Commuter Bill was attached to it.

  2. Is it a big incentive? Nope. Is it going to convince employers to start putting up showers and lockers and have valet bike parking? Nope. Is it going to get some small businesses to give their employees some incentives to ride? Yep.

  3. What's more - it's a start. Once more people and businesses start taking advantage of things like this, it'll only get better.

  4. This is probably the only way we were going to get this bill passed given the current administration. We might have just waited till Obama was elected (hopefully) but that's not something to bank on.
So... we're stuck with the bailout, but we also have more incentive to ride!

People, not speed.