Westerville to Arena District Bikeway Initiative Gains Support from City and Neighborhoods

With all the news we've heard recently about individuals and neighborhoods fighting the installation of bike paths through their backyards (literally and figuratively), it's comforting to read this report from the Westerville-to-Arena-District Bikeway Initiative. The Greater Linden Advisory Council, the Northeast Area Commission, the Northland Community Council, the North Linden Area Commission, and the South Linden Commission have all thrown their support behind the creation of a bike path between Westerville and the Arena District, which would create yet another important bike route between the suburbs and downtown.

In addition, the City Parks and Rec department has indicated its desire to proceed with the project and sounds very desirous to support it.

This is great news for the Northeast side. Not only will this create a corridor for people to get around between Westerville and downtown, but it stands to improve the Linden neighborhood. It's been indicated time and time again that the more people who are out of their cars while passing through neighborhoods, the more those neighborhoods benefit from the increased foot and bicycle traffic as people support the businesses they pass, and also increase their awareness of the issues that surround those neighborhoods.

Linden is a nice neighborhood, but one that has fallen on some tough times. And the ability of cars to pass by it on I-71 without witnessing the problems Linden has had is only making things worse. Now, caring people will see this neighborhood first hand, get to know people who live and work there, and will take more interest in the area. It's a win-win situation for all involved!

Nice work, WAD - you're improving Columbus in more ways than you know.

People, not speed.


  1. My wife says your team has better uniforms and your keeper is gorgeous. So I guess you deserved to win. Bastards.

  2. Well, I'm not going to make any judgments about what a looker William Hesmer is, I will agree that (as long as we keep the yellow jerseys with the yellow shorts) we do have the best and most recognizable uniforms in the league. GO BANANAS!


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