Bike Clothes for Commuters Start to Appear - Cordarounds!

One of my frequent observations about cycling and commuting is that most of the clothing you see is made for recreational cyclists. I wear a couple of items myself that, although I prefer not to be on the road without them, are pretty clearly made for roadies.

The primary one is my Pearl Izumi Vagabond Ii Jacket. Although I love it, and it's kept me safe and dry since I've had it, I don't like how it binds around the shoulders and arms when I'm wearing it to work. I don't wear a bike jersey to work, I generally wear a plain t-shirt in the summer and my work shirt during the spring or fall when it's cooler and I don't perspire as much. And in the winter I'm wearing an UnderArmor ColdGear shirt and a fleece underneath it, so that's a bit bulky, too. I'd like to have a jacket that's a little looser, but still has that high-visibility fabric. So far I haven't found one.

Well, the folks at Cordarounds have come to our rescue by introducing their Bike To Work pants. These are khakis that look perfectly normal for your everyday work. But, when you're ready to ride, you roll up the cuffs (which most of us do anyway to avoid chain grease spatter) and they have reflective tape built into the inner lining of the pants! And the pockets pull out to sport the same reflectivity! And the cuffs themselves are made of protective Iluminite teflon for extra strength.

This is exactly the sort of thing that I hope we can plan to see more of in the future as bike commuters become a bigger market force. Thanks to the folks at Cordarounds for their work in making us some pants that serve two purposes!

Here's a video of the Bike to Work Pants in action:

Bike 2 Work Pants from Cordarounds on Vimeo

So... what kinds of commuter clothes would YOU like to see?

People, not speed.


  1. I just wear my regular work clothes.

  2. I try to do the same thing most of the time myself, unless I'm going to sweat so much that my work clothes wouldn't be particularly presentable once I got where I was going. In fact, one of the criteria I have for commuter gear is that it allow us to operate as normally as possible, without having to change clothes and the like.

    The thing I like about these Cordarounds pants is that they combine cycling with normal life - they can absolutely BE those regular work clothes you're talking about.

  3. That's cool.

    My commute is so short, and the town is so flat, that sweating really isn't a problem 10 months out of the year. So I'm just not used to considering anything special in terms of clothing.

  4. I love this jersey:

    I was able to find it on sale with a pair of shorts for $25 a while back.

    I'm sad that the weather is getting cold because I won't be able to wear it anymore.

  5. Hey Jamie... I've been reading a blog hosted by our local paper recently, and I thought you might enjoy it. It's thoughts from a Lawrence bike commuter, and he recently finished a series on the heightened sensory experience he gets while biking to work. You might be able to relate... or maybe you have a different set of smells, sights, etc. in Columbus.


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