Community Tricycle Collective is Born

One of the excuses that people give for not using their bikes for errands, etc. is the lack of cargo capacity on a bike. Though I have plenty of answers for that excuse (don't carry as much every trip, make more frequent trips, get a cargo bike, etc.) I never used "borrow a tricycle" as the answer.

But maybe I will now.

Some of the fine folks at Consider Biking have put together the Community Tricycle Collective after the creation of said cargo tricycle by Zach Henkel (also the host of Cranksters on WCRS). You can become part of the collective and borrow the trike by joining the group on Facebook.

The rules are simple: contact Zach (via the Facebook page) to borrow the trike, and you provide the lock for it when it's in your possession. Yeah, that's it.

I look forward to seeing how this works!

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