Join the 2008 Ride of Silence

In honor and remembrance of the cyclists who have died on the road during the last year (particularly local cyclists Michael Sonney and Andres Gonzales), local cyclists are banding together for the annual Ride of Silence.
The Ride of Silence is a slow group ride, akin to a funeral procession, in total silence. The ride is a safe, responsible, professional and mature response to the aggressiveness, intimidation, and carnage that cyclists face on the roads we ride. It is a means to:

- remember and mourn those killed by motorists,
- raise awareness that our community has, and supports, a large population of cyclists,
- show the public that cyclists are not going to stop riding on the roads,
- point out that we ask for respect from motorists,
- remind motorists that we wish only to SHARE the roads.

Please support the efforts of Consider Biking to help us make conditions safer for cyclists!

The event takes place Wednesday night at 7:00, and starts on the State Street side of the Statehouse downtown. It's a slow, ten mile ride, conducted in total silence, and it's a very reverent procession. Please join us!

Questions? Please ask at Consider Biking.

People, not speed.


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