Recycling Obama Supporter Needs Your Help!

I received this request today from Barack Obama supporter Nick Thompson, who's looking for people to help him bike relay... well, I'll let him do the talking!

In an effort to reuse plastic lawn signs, I am thinking the time is right for a quick ride from my town, Pittsburgh, towards Indiana, carrying as many signs as I can. For lack of personal time I am hoping to organize this 300+mile journey as a relay with fellow riders in Ohio and/or Indiana picking up the load. Not to mention my mom thinks I am too old to go it alone. No gas, no fumes, you get the idea.

See below for an example recycling program and where I got the idea;

Slow but ready. Thanks.

Nick Thompson
412-720-6425 (cell)

I've often lamented upon the wastefulness of elections as regards yard signs and the like... now someone is doing something about it!

People, not speed.