Parks and Recreation Announces Bike Path Work for the Summer

From Columbus Parks and Recreation:

Greetings cyclists!!

Recreation and Parks is busy getting our trail network tuned up for a big year. Each spring, we work hard to get the trails cleaned up and ready for a busy season.

And each year we try to provide some substantial safety improvements for users. We never seem to be able to hit all of them, especially as we add new miles to the system. However, I want to forward a list of the '08 improvements, many of which we received from you:

Olentangy Trail

*Repair a flood prone section @ mile 9, just south of Bethel/Antrim area.
*Re-stripe the centerline of the path, along faded sections, from Antrim to downtown.
*Continue adding new directional/regulatory signage along the path. Add new COG trailhead map kiosks.
Re-do the Northmoor path entry. Remove bollards and hazards, etc.
*Repair a serious riverbank erosion slip just south of Antrim, threatening to take out the trail
*Henderson Road bridge: This is a big project, involving the entire season. The path will remain open, through an orangebarrel work-around on the south side. This improvement will construct a new 10' wide path on the bridge deck, completely replacing the dangerous narrow walk there now.

Scioto Trail

*Clear brush and debris back from the path from the Confluence to the Utilities Complex @ 910 Dublin Road

Alum Creek Trail

*Repair the Broad St. underpass railing
*Re-do the path entry steps @ Watt Rd., Strawberry Farms Park
*Finish trail signage project, including directional/regulatory and trail head maps.

670 Path
This path is a real challenge for this department. We vow to continue trying to get this one up to safe standards. We want more of you to use it, and we understand there are problems. For this year:

*Fix the Leonard Ave./670 bridge situation--install new ramps, fix the hazardous bridge joint gaps, remove obstacles and fix hazards near the Nelson Rd. overpass. (This will at least address the hazardous conditions. We will have to phase in improvements, this path will be a section of the Ohio-to-Erie, and a major east/west route, and we need to put it into good shape. Please bear with us.)

With all of this comes path interruptions, as you are aware. We need to access these sites to fix problems, and that means trucks and equipment during work hours. So far, you have been very patient and we appreciate your willingness to detour, go around, or find alternate short term routes. We try to minimize the down time. We also, however, have to respond to numerous interruptions from outside sources--mostly utility projects as they continue work on the Olentangy trunk sewer. These projects will last over the next several summers, and we will do our utmost to keep the paths open and flowing. Hats off to our contractors as well, they have been very receptive to keeping things open, and it is extremely challenging. We urge you to obey the signs, keep back, and don't do anything risky.

Much is happening on the future trail development fronts, we have lots of support from Mayor Coleman, Director McKnight, and City Council. Stay tuned.

Be safe, ride a lot, and feel free to contact us.

Brad Westall
Greenways Planner

People, not speed.


  1. One thing they need to do related to Alum Creek is finish the pedestrian crossing at 33/College and Petizinger. They have signs and the cross buttons, but no lights and no marked cross walk. It would make getting from my apartment to the path much, much safer.

  2. Thank goodness! The more paths the merrier!!!

  3. Jamie,

    Thanks for the update on Columbus area bikeway improvements. I posted that info and more in a story today on bikeway improvements in Ohio. To see the story, visit...

    Ohio Bikeway Improvements Inspiring



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