Surviving the Snow? Hell, No. THRIVING in the Snow!

As has been in the news all over the place, Columbus and its surroundings got slammed with a whole buncha snow over the weekend. It started Friday morning at about 9:30 (at least here on OSU campus) and by 5:00 we had about 4 inches. Naturally, everyone was panicking and people were being allowed to leave early and the like. I didn't leave until about 4:30, since I had work to do plus I knew I wouldn't have a problem!

My paranoid boss's boss pleaded with me not to ride home, but of course, she doesn't understand that it's probably safer TO ride in this weather, because you can pick the best route much easier than a car. So off I went.

Granted, I was prepared with bus fare, just in case it was too slippery (like the other day). But today that was not a problem. I was passing cars, and even had time to stop at the store. It took about 45 minutes total, including the store stop, and that's on a trip that usually takes about 20. I didn't go quite as fast, obviously, but I found that the COTA buses had been doing their best to stay in the right lane, and that made my path through the snow really easy as I just rode in their double-wheeled path.

I walked into the house with a smile, and started to tell Jennifer (my wife) about passing cars. She looked at me and commented "you probably don't want to be telling me about this... it took me three hours to get home."

No cycling at all over the weekend, as we stayed in, took advantage of the Clintonville Community Market being within somersaulting distance of our house, and did some sledding and snow-fort making.

Today, I rode in as well. Except for my side street I live on, the streets were adequately cleared other than the big piles remaining where people idiotically parked on the streets over the weekend and got drifted and/or plowed in. The ride was pretty normal (though some lady almost switched lanes right into me, which is a rare occurrence).

But the best part - my boss had left a few minutes before me as I got my bike ready. He'd told me he was probably just going to go straight up High Street to get home, and when I got here this morning, he asked how my ride home was. I smiled smugly and was telling him about passing cars. His response: "I know. You passed me!"

People, not speed.


  1. We rode Friday, Sat. and Sunday!
    I have to say that Fri and Sat. were fun and an adventure, but Sunday morning I was so glad to be on bike- cars were stuck everywhere!

  2. The most problem I had was getting out of my office and getting to the daycare.

    Since our little one was recovering from an ear infection, I kept her in all weekend, of course the Texan in my said to stay warm.

    I am looking forward to riding around this summer with Duncan!

  3. I am glad to read things went so well for you. We had similar storms out this way earlier in the year and they really can be something. I too ended up passing cards. I especially liked your discription of going to the farmers' market and building snow forts. That is the way life should be lived!


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