First Ever Multi-Modal Commute

And no, that doesn't include the time I had to walk my bike because it was to slick out to ride it...

I wasn't feeling top notch this morning, but I wanted to have the option to ride home if I feel better or the weather clears up today. So I took advantage of those great bike racks on the front of our COTA buses.

They are easy to use - all the directions are right there on the racks themselves. It probably takes 30 seconds to set it up, if you stall and take your time (like I did, since it was my first time trying it).

My bike stayed clean, and so did I. Not a bad experience, all in all.

People, not speed.


  1. I should time myself -- I think the bike rack manufacturer claims the typical user takes seven seconds to mount his bike; I think I take 3 or 4 seconds, but I've been doing it twice a day almost every day for two years now.

  2. I consider myself to be of average intelligence. I cannot figure out the stupid COTA maps. I am passed by 2-3 busses on my commute. But, the bus schedule does not have busses running that route (route 5) at that time. I see the bus stops. I see the busses stop at the bus stops. I see the stops on the COTA map. I do not see the stops on the COTA timetable.

    Am I an idiot?

  3. Well...

    No you're not. COTA takes some practice. I suggest starting with their trip planner, which is actually pretty easy to use.

    Then sit with one of the maps in front of you and follow it along for the first couple times. And ask the drivers for help if you need it. They're pretty used to it, and I think that with gas prices the way they are, they're MORE used to it.

  4. Fritz - I'm probably exaggerating. But it seemed it took longer than it probably did, mostly because I had to wave down the driver to get her to sit still before taking off on me while I tried to cross the road. So she was staring at me the whole time.

  5. Nice. I do a multimodal commute with a folding bike because half the time the bike racks on my bus route are full. But I just fold it any carry it on :)


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