Gettin' It Where and When I Can

Once again, I've thrown off the internally-combusted shackles of the slave-mobile to ride free... on the way to... um... work.

Well, so much for the anti-slavery imagery.

But the fact remains that I got to ride in to work today. And... I stopped to VOTE on the way.

For those of you not in Columbus, it was cold here today for the first time this fall. Cold and clear, and if not for the wind it'd be perfect biking weather. And I got to wear my new Pearl Izumi Vagabond Jacket, which my folks got me for my birthday. It's a bit tight as I think it was built for people wearing regular cycling gear, but the "Screaming Yellow" color and its great wind resistance made it the perfect jacket for riding today.

I got some looks and a couple of "awful cold to be riding your bike" comments at the voting location today, but I just responded with "it's not cold once you get moving." Hopefully that'll get those folks thinking about their sedentary lives.

People, not speed.


  1. My basic response is "It's fine if you wear enough gear."

    But then, I'm wee and skinny and no amount of moving is going to keep me warm once it gets below 50.

    (Erm- hello. I read your blog, as I'm a bike commuter in Columbus. I know it's always a bit strange to have random people that you didn't know were reading comment)

  2. I don't mind it at all... happens all the time! Welcome to the fun.

  3. Some of my most enjoyable commutes are when it gets cold around here (and no need to explain to me what real cold is.)

    The cool thing about commuting is the ability to start off bundled up and then strip off layers as it warms up (since you can drop them in the panniers.)

  4. Rode this morning - it was great. Thermal tights, my new "old school" long sleeve wool sweater from Earth Wind and Rider ( - check out their site) and a wind shell over the top. Even with a little freezing rain, the ride was perfect.


  5. Eh, I'm so bad a gear management. Always too sleepy the first mile to judge, then get cold for the next few, then start sweating like a bandit for the rest. Only had a base layer and coat on today, so really couldn't peel anything off. Arrived at the office cover in sweat as it started to snow. hehe

  6. Smudgemo hit it right on the head and Kurt and Takewrning helped sand it down around the edges and perhaps do a little spackling.

    Two or three light layers with good wicking ability and a final layer of windbreaking/wet protection is the way to go.

    And takewrning is absolutely right: you gotta love walking in to work with some sweat on you when everyone else is shivering their buns off. You can see that look of shame flash across their faces just before they regain their "he's so crazy for riding" look.


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