Two Dispatch Articles Worth Noting Today

The Dispatch has had two articles recently that were anti-car without being particularly overt about it.

First, Sunday we saw a discussion of the inability of judges in Ohio to sentence speeders who exceed 100 mph to jail time.

Then, today we got to read about the high number of smog alert days in Central Ohio - 18, up from 6 last year and the most since 2002.

Both these articles bring up great points in the fight against the autocracy:

First, any changes or additions to the Columbus transportation infrastructure to accommodate bikes are going to be a bit useless without serious changes to the state traffic code. If a person can't be sent to jail for reckless endangerment in a vehicle, then the problem of drivers getting away with hitting cyclists or pedestrians isn't going to get any better either.

Until we can adopt a Drivers' Responsibility law in Ohio we're going to keep having the same problems.

Second, over 40,000 deaths were recorded in America last year from traffic accidents alone... but this doesn't take into account the sickness and death that smog from vehicles caused. I continue to be amazed that vehicles that take away people's right to live healthily are allowed on the roads... it's truly one of the great mysteries of our legal system for me.

People, not speed.