Separated Bike Lanes On New York Streets!

New York City gets it!

People, not speed.


  1. It's an outstandingly bad idea that complicates intersections even more than ordinary bikelanes.

    "Gosh, officer, I just drove up to the intersection and turned right. I didn't expect a bicyclist to come out from behind those parked cars!"

  2. Good point, Ed. I suppose there must be some sort of "No right turn on red" rule for such intersections. Also, I've heard that some of these types of changes include separate traffic lights for bikes and cars. That could solve the problem.

  3. Yeah, stay tuned. We'll do an updated video when the separate bike signals and such go in. This is the most intense thing we've seen here in quite some time.

    If you look the turning lanes to go left on this street remove parking alongside as the cyclist approaches. I think we will still need some tweaking on the idea as it goes along...but this is looking good.


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