World Car-Free Day

Put away the keys and get out your bikes, folks: World Car Free Day is this Saturday, September 22!

No commentary on the actual event is needed, but I did find an interesting story from Yahoo News about China's adoption of the day:
BEIJING, (AFP) - China will initiate its first-ever nationwide "no car day" this weekend in an effort to promote environmental health and alleviate increasingly gridlocked urban roads, state press said Monday.

Residents in 108 cities will be urged to take public transport, ride bikes or walk on the nation's first "no car day" on Saturday, the China Daily reported.

"The move is an attempt to raise residents' awareness on energy saving and environmental protection because the country's cities are plagued by traffic congestion and pollution," the paper said.

It did not say why the Ministry of Construction, the sponsor of the activity, chose a Saturday to hold the event.

Government officials and state-run enterprise employees in some cities would be encouraged not to drive, while other urban centres would ban government-owned cars from taking to the roads altogether, it added.

A week-long campaign to publicise the government's goal of getting 50 percent of the nation's urban residents to use public transport instead of private cars would also be initiated, it said.

China's auto industry has been a key component of the nation's booming economy with vehicle production rising by 32.7 percent in July compared to the same period last year.
Interesting from two standpoints. First, China's finding out quickly that trying to be like the west isn't the greatest thing in the world.

Second... the article writer decided that actual research wasn't necessary (as seen above in the red text).

People, not speed.